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Support our cleanup diving efforts!

lifestyle changes

If you are a diver consider following these simple tips


for all

  • Buy only what you need, and give away the leftover

  • Recycle! Click the logo for the recycling stations in Hong Kong

  • You may donate your old clothes or working appliances

  • When you shop, choose the option with less packing or the ones with recyclable packaging, and please recycle what you can

  • You can also join our following survey as a surface supporter. Check out our upcoming survey dates on our Facebook site

  • Please share our efforts with others to raise awareness

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every decision you make counts!


support our team


If you have any unused but still working* scuba equipment we will give it a second life


If you have any old but still working* iPad or iPad mini, we could really use them for data entry


Every time we go to survey our adopted dive site ADS323-Tung Ping Chau, we take the public ferry (currently 100 HKD pp). You may consider purchasing ferry tickets for us for our next survey

* Please only donate equipment are still in working condition, we currently have no funding or income for servicing

Be our donor

Donations are spent on ferry tickets, equipment rental, lunch for the team on the island and crew t-shirts. To donate, please scan the QR code or click the Donate button. Or contact us directly for alternative arrangements.

Upon request, we can provide you with a detailed report on how your donation was spent.


Our sponsors:

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